Explore the Heritage of Natural & Culture at Mount.Victoria

Explore the Heritage of Cultural & Natural at Mount.Victoria  

Nat Ma Taung, also known as Mount Victoria. It’s located in Kanpalet Township. Mindat District is part of the Chin Hills range, and rises to 3,053 meters (10,016 ft) above sea level. Which can observe the traditional and cultural heritage of Chin people and their living systems, the natural forest flora, bird watching and wildlife tours, hiking, mountain-climbing, observe of 159 bird species including 5 indigenous species, a very rare species of rare birds which can be found only in Myanmar forest.

Also observe of Mammals such as tiger, bear, wild boar, leopard, guar, gibbob, etc. and 159 bird species, reptiles and butterfly are present. It covers an area of 279 square miles and forests include hill evergreen , moist upper mixed deciduous, pine forests (above 9000 feet), and hill savannah.